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Welcome to Admin Plus!

We at Fandom are excited to welcome you to our Admin Plus series. The series reviews three core foundations of helping to facilitate a wiki community on Fandom. These are Technical Foundations, Content Development, and Community Building.

Being an admin on a wiki community is an exciting and rewarding opportunity, one that naturally gives you skills and experience that are valuable in your day-to-day life, not just in the wiki world.

Eligible admins who complete these courses will receive a badge highlighting their skills that they can leverage on professional development sites and social networks. Admins who complete all three courses will receive an “Ultra” A+ badge.


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Technical Foundations Content Development Community Building

We welcome all members of our community to watch these videos and learn how to best contribute to their communities.

Please be aware that fandom awards badges of completion only to admins who have served in an admin role for at least 90 days and manage wikis that are 100 pages or larger. While the background and information we cover here today is critical information, we believe a mix of this information and real-world adminning experience best qualify someone for recognition.

Admins who complete all three courses are eligible for a special "UltrA+" badge.

How We Award Badges

In order to deliver badges to our admins, Fandom has partnered with a third party site called Credly. The badges themselves, while having Fandom terminology and branding, will be hosted by Credly. In order to receive these badges, you will have to register with Credly when you receive an email invitation.

Credly also requires us to provide them your name, since these are badges that can be used for professional settings. As such, when an admin completes a course by finishing the end-of-course quiz, Fandom provides Credly with: the name and email address you provide to us when taking the quiz. We do not pass over any other personal information about you to Credly. We chose Credly because of its reputation and safety, but we would still encourage all individuals to read Credly’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policies upon registration.