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Welcome to Admin Plus!

We at Fandom are excited to welcome you to our Admin Plus series. The series reviews three core foundations of helping to facilitate a wiki community on Fandom. These are Technical Foundations, Content Development, and Community Building.

Being an admin on a wiki community is an exciting and rewarding opportunity, one that naturally gives you skills and experience that are valuable in your day-to-day life, not just in the wiki world.

Eligible admins who complete these courses will receive a badge highlighting their skills that they can leverage on professional development sites and social networks. Admins who complete all three courses will receive an “Ultra” A+ badge and will receive a special role in the Fandom Discord.

Have a quick question about the program? See below or check out our FAQs page.


Technical Foundations 1-ContentDevelopment AdminBadge 1 1-CommunityBuilding AdminBadge 1 (1)
Technical Foundations Content Development Community Building

We welcome all members of our community to watch these videos and learn how to best contribute to their communities.

Please be aware that Fandom awards badges of completion only to admins who have served in an admin role for at least 90 days and manage wikis that are 100 pages or larger. While the background and information we cover here today is critical information, we believe a mix of this information and real-world adminning experience best qualify someone for recognition.

Admins who complete all three courses are eligible for a special "UltrA+" badge.

How We Award Badges[]

In order to deliver badges to our admins, Fandom has partnered with a third party site called Credly. The badges themselves, while having Fandom terminology and branding, will be hosted by Credly. In order to receive these badges, you will have to register with Credly when you receive an email invitation.

Credly also requires us to provide them the name you provide when taking the quiz, since these are badges that can be used for professional settings. As such, when an admin completes a course by finishing the end-of-course quiz, Fandom provides Credly with: the name and email address you provide to us when taking the quiz. We do not pass over any other personal information about you to Credly. We chose Credly because of its reputation and safety, but we would still encourage all individuals to read Credly’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policies upon registration.

A+ Wikis[]

A+ wiki badge

Have you and all other admins on your wiki completed the Admin+ courses? Congratulations! Your wiki might be eligible to be a A+ Wiki!

A+ Wikis are communities where all eligible admins have completed and passed all Admin+ courses, earned their Ultra+ badges, and are dedicated to helping the community flourish by using what was taught in the Admin+ courses. Once every eligible admin has received their Ultra+ badge, a representative admin from the community can apply for A+ Wiki status. If approved, a Community Manager will reach out.

Here are some benefits of being an A+ Wiki:

  • A link to the wiki (along with a tag to the connected Twitter account) will be shared on our @FandomWikis Twitter account. Currently on hold.
  • The wiki listed below.
  • An A+ Wiki can post wherever they would like about their hard earned status. Adding the status and/or badge above to the main page or other relevant wiki pages is a great way to show off this group effort.
  • More to come!

Ready to apply for A+ Wiki status? Apply here! (Google Forms)

List of A+ Wikis[]

Speedstorm Wiki
Batman Arkham FR Wiki
Gotham Knights FR Wiki
+Anima Wiki
Borderlands FR Wiki
Initial D Wiki
Sneaky Sasquatch Wiki
No.6 Wiki
Solasta: Crown of the Magister Wiki
Bully FR Wiki
Max Payne FR Wiki
Sky: Children of the Light Wiki
Lord of the Rings FR Wiki
The Alienist Wiki
Avatar Wiki
Harvey Comics Database
Huntdown Wiki
Unsighted Wiki
Wadjet Eye Wiki
Dead Island Wiki
Zootopia Wiki
Sucker Punch Wiki Wiki
Trombone Champ Wiki
Thymesia Wiki
Paw Patrol RU Wiki
Warriors Wiki
Pet Rift Wiki
Emergency Response Liberty County Wiki
Divergent Wiki
Escape from Tarkov Wiki
Fae Tactics Wiki
Cassette Beasts FR Wiki
Hakuouki Wiki
TimeSplitters Wiki
Backrooms DE Wiki
RoboCop Wiki
Zack Snyder Wiki
So I'm a Spider, So What? Wiki
Soul Knight Wiki
Stray Gods: The Roleplaying Musical Wiki
Zombie 100 Wiki
Alphabet Lore Wiki
American Horror Story Wiki
Nico’s Nextbots Wiki
Disfigure Wiki
Surviving the Abyss Wiki
Infested Planet Wiki
Six Flags Wiki
Couple Up! Love Show Wiki
CBS Wiki
Lost Ruins Wiki
Rocket Arena Wiki
PlayWay Wiki
For The Warp Wiki
Astalon: Tears of the Earth Wiki
Doomsday Hunters Wiki
Đường lên đỉnh Olympia Wiki
Multiverse of Disassembly Wiki
Lost Castle Wiki
Grim Clicker Wiki
Wales Interactive Wiki
Wildermyth FR Wiki
Rampage Knights Wiki
JoyMasher Wiki
Wiki Desktop Dungeons FR
Hazbin Hotel Wiki
Gokurakugai Wiki
The Office Wiki
Jack Reacher Wiki
Daymare: 1998 Wiki
Android Wiki
Billie Bust Up Wiki
Judge Dredd Wiki
Minecraft Wiki
My Love Story with Yamada-kun at Lv999 Wiki
Rebel Moon Wiki
Silly Cat Wiki
Shawn Mendes Wiki
Solar's Academy for Unusual Dragons Wiki
Korean Wiki
Back 4 Blood Wiki
RuPaul's Drag Race Wiki
Ouran High School Host Club Wiki
Psycho-Pass Wiki
Warhammer Homebrew Wiki
Shadowhunters PT-BR Wiki
Trono de Vidro PT-BR Wiki
Corte de Espinhos e Rosas PT-BR Wiki
Demi Lovato PT-BR Wiki
Crescent City Wiki
Kill Blue Wiki
Kindergarten WARS Wiki
Love Sparks Wiki
Free! Wiki
BIG Paintball Wiki
Chuck E. Cheese Wiki
BIG Games Wiki
Jet Lag Wiki
Skibidi Toilet Wiki


If a new admin is added to an A+ Wiki, they have 60 days from receiving their admin user right to complete the Admin+ courses, or the wiki will lose their A+ Wiki status. The Admin+ course eligibility requirement regarding needing to serve in an admin role for at least 90 days is waived in the situation where a user becomes an admin on an A+ Wiki.

If a wiki loses their A+ Wiki status for any reason, a Community Manager will reach out to let the community know.