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This post is more informational based on investigating the answer to a question about old ~Help:WidgetTag~@Monaco skin widgets@.

I did some simple testing of the widgets listed at Help:WidgetTag.

Some don't appear to work anymore, but the others seem to work still.

Widgets that don't work

...or I don't know how they work... as of 15-Feb-2012.

  • <widget>Bookmark</widget>
  • <widget>Community</widget>
  • <widget>LastWikis</widget> may work
  • <widget>ProblemReports</widget> requires Extension
  • <widget>ShoutBox</widget> no UI to add messages
  • <widget>Slideshow</widget>
  • <widget>TopContent</widget>
  • <widget>TopVoted</widget> no way to vote
  • <widget>WikiPage</widget>

Widgets that still work with Oasis

  • <widget limit="5">ActiveTalkPages</widget>
  • <widget limit="5">AncientPages</widget>
  • <widget limit="5">Contribs</widget>
  • <widget limit="5">EditedRecently</widget>
  • <widget limit="5">RecentChanges</widget>
  • <widget>MostVisited</widget>
  • <widget>NeedHelp</widget>
  • <widget>NewPages</widget>
  • <widget>Referrers</widget>
  • <widget>Tips</widget>
  • <widget>TopUsers</widget>
  • <widget>Watchlist</widget>
    • Same as follow?

-- Fandyllic (talk · contr) 15 Feb 2012 10:56 AM Pacific

The widgets on your "still working" list do indeed work but they don't work particularly well. It takes at least 24 hours - possibly more - for them to update. Their contents will be outdated more often than not. They're little more than bloated links to their respective special pages. One might as well not bother with them.

That's why I rewrote a bunch of them from scratch. Setting up my InfoWidgets requires a bit of admin assistance because they use JavaScript, but their contents update continuously so their information is always fresh and might actually be useful.

-- Pecoes 18:36, February 25, 2012 (UTC)

A while ago I did a Special:Contact/feedback and asked them to add a working version of the Referrers widget to the rail on the admin dashboard, it seemed to be the perfect place for it.--Sxerks 21:00, February 25, 2012 (UTC)

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