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Hi all, we're closing this forum thread. If you are looking for more editors — you can now add your wiki onto this page: Wikis that need editors. Thanks!

Hey guys! So we’ve been receiving a bunch of requests lately of how to attract more editors to their wikis. Meighan and I have decided to create this thread where founders and admins can promote their wikis and seek out new editors.

Please post here if you are looking for editors to help you on wiki, or are offering your help to get new wikis started! Also, please remember to include a link to your wiki so everyone can find it! Thanks! ^^ --Trellar WikiaStaff.png (help forum | blog) 16:48, August 16, 2011 (UTC) do you have to save it or can you just exit?

Also see Help:Ways to promote your wiki. -- Fandyllic (talk · contr) 16 Aug 2011 4:32 PM Pacific
Hi everyone, this is a great list! I'll be writing a Staff blog post that will go live on Friday about the new changes & the 4 new buckets on Admin Forum. I'll also be highlighting specific threads, and this thread, Whose Wiki Needs Editors will be one of them. :) --Meighan WikiaStaff.png (help forum | blog) 18:22, August 22, 2011 (UTC)
Just a small update to the formatting to make everything more readable. Please help us fill out the table by adding your category in! New entries, please try and add to the bottom to avoid the tables expanding too much. Thanks! ----Trellar WikiaStaff.png (help forum | blog) 22:25, November 11, 2011 (UTC)
We also archived the first month of requests here. --Meighan WikiaStaff.png (help forum | blog) 04:40, November 12, 2011 (UTC)


Wiki Name Category Comments Admin The Astromech wiki Astromech droids from Starwars R2-D2 VAVLESmostwanted Wiki Gaming Lmulford1]]
Super Smash Bros Character creator Wiki Entertainment In this Wiki, You can create new things for your VERY OWN Super Smash Bros game! create New Characters (i.e. Mega Man, Bomberman, Barry Steakfries, Ash, Dawn, Brock, etc.), new stages( i.e. Angry Birds World, Luigi Circut, 50 m, Flat Zone 3 , etc), and new music, trophies, stickers, games, and Much Much more!, it is fun for super Smash Bros Fans!!!!!!!!

Donnymario123 ||

The Hunger Games Roleplaying Wiki Entertainment Hello! I recently created a roleplaying site for the Hunger Games. I really need editors and users there, so if anyone can come, it'd be wonderful! We need this place to flourish! <3 1dra7
The Adele Wiki Music Hello, I need editors and administrators on my new wiki, The Adele Wiki, dedicated to the brilliant British pop phenomenon Adele (famous for her singles "Chasing Pavements", "Hometown Glory", "Someone Like You", and "Rolling in the Deep"). I have one other user on the wiki, although they are (understandably) unable to edit as often as I do. You do not need to know anything about Adele, as the wiki is a place of learning, but we are trying to reach a goal of 200 non-stub articles, and as far as I know not one of our 81 pages is a stub, so... yeah. Beginning December 1st, we will also be having a special holiday-themed series of blogs hosted by me. They will relate to Adele's December single "Set Fire to the Rain", Adele's Christmas festivities, or other rare Adele media I will try and find on the Internet and add to the list of special surprises. There will be one blog post per week, so... yeah. ;) Anyways, I could REALLY use the help, so if you could contribute and help us reach our goal so we can request a spotlight and get more users, that'd help so much! Thank you so much for your time! :) ---Tsu'tey♫
Fictional Creatures Wiki Entertainment Hi, I need editors and admins for my wiki since i'm pretty much the only user on the wiki currently. Wikimaniac
Un-Club Penguin Wiki Humor All the club penguin wiki's moved off wikia last year and this one still has only just been adopted again by Awesome335. It has lot of pages but hardly any users so we need editors. I have been granted bureaucrat and admin righs there by Awesome. I will enjoy seeing you having fun editing (aka Making fun of club penguin) Happy65
Walt Disney Wiki: The home of Walt Disney Entertainment I have made a wiki for people interested in Walt Disney, please take a look and see if you can help me
Cartoon Network: Punch Time Explosion wiki Gaming I made a wiki for anyone who's interested in the upcoming fighting game Cartoon Network: Punch Time Explosion.
SGPA Wikia Hey everybody I am an admin for the SGPA Wiki (a wiki about reating original characters for Young Justice) and we have a task for you. We really need help with a few things so we can engage others to our website of awsomeness. Check our our wish list: and our main site: to see how you can help out.Thanks for all of those who help and goodbye. Coolmoon51
Evanescence Wikia Hey. There's a wiki about the famous American rockband Evanescence, but I seem to be the only contributor. Please check it out? Thank you! :) Alicia123
ATPedia I created this wiki a week or two ago and need help adding pages. Its all about Professional Tennis. I am the only contributer. The link is here ( Thank you. Awesume
Copypasta Wiki Copypasta wiki is a wiki of memes and flamewars. Http:// We need NEW content and stay away from copyrighted content.
The Star Wars The Clone Wars Wiki TheClone Wars Wiki Need your Help Please help Commando Jj edit he is the only one with about 40 pages right now he needs your help!!!!!!!!!!!!
soulcaliburv wikia needs editors thanks. Quietmandallas
Angry Beavers Wiki Entertainment I recently became an admin when I adopted The Angry Beavers Wiki. I'm looking for editors who are fans of The Angry Beavers to help with editing (and adding) pages. If anyone is interested, feel free to visit it and take a look. Thanks! KinHikari
Anycar wiki Automotive Need anybody with any knowlodge of cars to edit on my wiki and make it grow, thanks and good editing :) Theroadrunner95
Slangopedia Slangopedia is a slang wiki that is in much need of contents, accepting from local slang to text abbreviation to world wide catch phrases to much repeated quotes. Anakin Skyobiliviator
Advance Recon Commando Wiki Advance Recon Commando wiki is a trying to be a central resource site on the ARC troopers of the Republic. Help in these two site would be greatful. Thank you. Anakin Skyobiliviator
Alien Conquest Fanon Wiki It needs heaps of attention!, Pleaz! Crazed Penguin
Alien Conquest Wiki It needs heaps of attention!, Pleaz! Crazed Penguin
Autopedia Automotive The only Wikia encyclopedia on all cars. There are 2 active administrators (The 3 other admins aren't active) and no other contributors. It has over 7000 articles but seriously needs support from other Wikia car nuts. (Note, we are moving from Wikicars) I am looking forward for a right-hand man user at this wiki. thanks Rayous
Senatry About the browser based game and it still is not even having half of the info filled in, so any help greatly appreciated.
Call of Duty Tactics Wiki It's help on Call of Duty. WikiPim
Charmed Fan Made wika Entertainment we need help: ||

Heartland Wiki Entertainment It's a Wiki on the Canadian TV show, Heartland. I just don't have the time or knowledge for all of it right now, cause I'm trying to get into vet school. So help would be appreciated. Heartland Wiki
Avatar & Legend of Korra Wiki Entertainment Hello, Wikia Community Central Users! I know I speak for my entire small community at large when I say, We really need some new users. You may remember an awesome show on Nickelodeon that began in 2005 called, Avatar: The Last Airbender. Many people know about the show's sequel: The Last Airbender: Legend of Korra, however, many do not. You can visit My Wiki and read about this new sequel. We could also use some help with creating and improving articles, so please join us! Thanks to the Heart and Soul of Wikia: The Community Central Wiki!Annawantimes
Awesome Anime and Manga Wiki Entertainment Hey Guys! ^_^ I have a Wiki that's been around for about 7 mouths now and I really need some great editors! I really only have one guy helping. :( I've had a lot of people join the Wiki but they don't do anything... :( So please join Wiki! and make the Wiki a awesome place! :D Amyroselove
Iron Fey Wiki This isn't a completely new wiki, but it was abandoned until I edited it like a nutcase/added templates and the inactive founder gave me rights. The fourth book is coming out this October so I'm sure we'll get new editors... the series is extremely good, a YA (Young Adult) paranormal action/romance based on faeries. I don't have the books with me (I should be getting them tomorrow) so I haven't edited in a while because I won't post anything that I don't have the exact source to. Help would be amazing. Nightfern
April Showers Wiki I began this wiki some while ago, and it would be appreciated if I had more help growing the wiki. It currently has 6 articles that are currently in progress and needs more editors. TomWellingishot
Country Music Wiki Entertainment This Wiki has a long history! Apparently it was started way back in 2005 or so, then abandoned. So I ran across it, starting making some edits, and before you knew it I found myself applying to be Admin! I love country music with a passion, and I hope you do too. Carrieunderwoodfanforlife
Nick Plus Wiki Entertainment Hello there, I'm Tommypezmaster and I could use some assitants on my wiki (Nick Plus Wiki) at In case you don't get it, Nick Plus Wiki is about a channel of what should be the new Nicktoons Network. Nick Plus is best describe as Nicktoons Network meets The Hub . I tried to invite people myself I only got one user to post CatDog stuff. So, What do you say? Tommypezmaster
493Titanollante Wiki Hello-Yello. My Wiki, the 493Titanollante Wiki, was created by me, 493Titanollante, 'SPECIFICALLY' for anyone and evereyone's Fanon Work'. Even though there are pages about characters that are owned by companies, like Nintendo, it was created for Fan Work of ANY topic. It get's lonely there, but I can't abandon that Wiki, because it has already been started and it has taken much work & time to get to it's current state. 493Titanollante
The Video Gamepedia Gaming My new wiki neads LOTS of editors. I am currently adding pages but I need editors to fill them up! I really need lots of editors! so far I am the only one! Please help!
Godville Wiki Gaming This is a brand new wiki I just recently created around three or four days ago. It has 30 articles, more than 50 pictures and some other things. It needs editors though, because I can't create and manage the whole wiki by myself. Hopefully someone who is passionate about wikis. DarthCookie
Land of Many Creatures Wiki he Land of Many Creatures Wiki is a animal lovers wiki i started about 4 days ago. It has absolutly nothing and i dont know what to put on it. I have started a couple pages that are sort of an idea of what i want. I could really use some help editing it and designing it. I hope you can help me. If you can help then visit my wiki at Land of Many Creatures Wiki or my talk page at my talk page which is the link listed below. Thanks you Cala'Quessir
Rusty Hearts Wiki Gaming [1] Could use some more players for image uploading, :) Zurgat
Donkey Kong Wiki Gaming Hi. The Donkey Kong Wiki has only 5 active editors, and is need of more, the other contributors recently forked to another wiki, so we are in need of editors. Thanks! Bullet Francisco
Entourage Wiki Entertainment The Entourage Wiki has had less than 20 editors in its lifetime, and it currently has about 3 consistent editors, all of which I know and have promoted into my Staff sector (Users with rollback rights). My adoption request was recently accepted, and although I've been working on the wiki, I could really use more contributors and fans of the series to help out. Thanks. Nostalgia
Baltic States Wik I repost this of my wiki because, after the post, there are no reaction. In reality, we have 8 users + 1 chatmod never edited, most in staffs (6 bureaucrats). Only 3 are active. I have enabled every features and labs.Laptop Zombie
Mario Party Eight Wiki Gaming Koranean-Air
Luigi's Mansion Character Creator Wiki GamingLuigi's Mansion Character Creator Wiki] needs some editors, and hasn't been edited in about 6/7 days. User:pvzaddict1276
Redapedia Hello there. I am Zachattack31 - a bureaucrat on the Redapedia Wikia. I really need some help on there because for the past 3 to 4 months - I have been the major and usually the sole editor on the Wikia and some things like episodes are getting behind. I could really use a bit of help and here the link for the website - [[2]]. Thank you very much. Zachattack31
The Ferry Wiki Hello, I'm Gourleyo and I'm an admin off The Ferry Wiki. The Wiki recently had a spotlight but it went back to being quiete as soon as it ended after a couple of weeks. We may still be getting occasional editors but still not most days. Gourleyo
[adult swim] Wiki Entertainment I'm the head of the Adult Swim Wiki. There are literally no editors, and it could use some serious help. I no longer edit there due to burnout, so if you need to contact me, find me at the Marvel Comics Database. Spencerz
Locomotive Wiki Hi I am an admin on Locomotive Wiki. This is a Wiki for all you rail fans and train buffs alike. It is also being created as a learning tool. Even if you only have a passing interesting locos, please drop-by and have a look at Locomotve Wiki. You might find we've missed you favorite locomotive! Starfleet Academy
Rainbows Wiki Rainbow wikia could use some more people. No one is active there accept for me:P Amythest444
Disney Parks Fanon Wiki This wiki is entirely devoted to making fan-fiction Disney rides and parks. It's really fun! It can be anything Disney. Just do fanon and have fun! Mochlum
The British Wildlife Wiki am looking for anyone with an intrest in wildlife, you can be American, Chinese or African, doesn't matter. This is because lots of species found in the UK either migrate to areas around the world or are found in many other places. If you would like to help come and see what you can do! It is coming up to our second birthday and so we are trying to get more people on board! TheWWC
iOS Gaming Wiki Gaming Hello! I'm the founder of the iOS Gaming Wiki, a relatively new Wiki which aims to create comprehensive articles on iPod, iPhone and iPad Games. It only has a very small community of users and would like some more to expand and develop it's information. We would greatly appreciate any edits from users who know anything about iOS Games! Thanks, and I hope to see some more editors soon. Sam2011
Leafwing's Destiny This is basically a fun encyclopedia that anybody can edit and add pages. It includes never-before-known trivia, helpful information, book releases, upcoming events,cool facts (etc.) about a series of books called WARRRIOR CATS by: ERIN HUNTER. This site is mainly a role-playing site, but you can also sign-up, chat with friends, post cool images, create your own profile and other fun things! I hope I get more editors to help me out! I want this wiki to be a great one! (jsyk-My wiki lol) Leafwing
Camp Half-blood Roleplaying Wiki A few months ago we embarked upon the creation of a Percy Jackson Roleplaying Wiki. Since then we've grown into a flourishing small community with over 30+ active users (Editing at least once within a 3 day period) from every inhabited continent and from ages 12 to 32. We now sport over 600 original characters, 48 cabins, and tons of roleplaying locations! You can not only play as a demigod but also, a satyr, a hunter, an automaton, or a number of other varied species. You may join quests as any one of these and feel free to participate in a number of other fun activities we have waiting! Flamefang
Will It Blend? Wiki Will It Blend? Wiki is a wiki for Will It Blend?.It has inframation about episodes,crew,Blendtec and much more!The link is enjoy Reviewportal77
Noozles Wiki I have just recently created a Noozles Wiki and I would use another knowledegable fan to help me populate it with information. Noozles Admin
The Clans of the Forest Wiki I have created a wiki called: The Clans of the Forest Wiki. It is a Warrior Cats Roleplaying Wiki, so please only come if you have read and/or know enough about the series.
Gran Turismo Wiki Gaming Hi guys, I'm Gp75motorsports, the founder of Gran Turismo Wiki. We're one of the largest racing game wikis, with 479 articles, but we're still in need of editors, so please, come over to our wiki and help out! Gp75motorsports
makeaclan|Make a Clan Wiki this is a wiki based of the warrior cat series by erin hunter.if your a warrior cats fan and you like to make things up then this is the wiki for you!in this wiki you can make up your own cats and clans even diseases!you can make a cure for your diseases too.i dark meow is the founder of this wiki.ive been working on the wiki but my best user just went silent.i really need help.
Ferrari GX Wiki Automotive A new wikia just for the sports car Ferrari! The wiki still needs work, and you can help! CXXX
Winxipedia Wik Hi, I just made a new wiki a couple days ago and I would like so help! WinxBelievix1998
Silly Stories Wiki I've recently made a wiki where you can write stories and you're welcome to join! Link; Andrew444
Awesome Hurricanes Wiki Please check this one out, too! We are seeking new users! Link: Andrew444
The Achievement and Trophy Wiki Gaming A new Wikia for achievements and trophies in games. The Wiki needs editors, and anyone who loves games can help! Blogman12
Just William Wiki i need loads of help on this wiki (PLEASE!) Metardis
Housepedia EntertainmentHi, I need helpers in my wiki. It's in spanish, but I hope you can help me. Daves Villa
PokemonXRedwall Wiki I need editors to contribut to my Pokemon and Redwall Wiki. It doesn't matter what you write as long as it is about Redwall and Pokemon. I would be a big help if had people make my wiki flourish. User:PokeJon122
Camp Confidential I have created a Wiki that is about a book series called "Camp Confidential". They're really good books. The Wiki I made needs lots of help, so if you could stop by, that would be great! Here's the link: Flower1470
Labyrinth Wiki Entertainment Hi everyone, it's currently just myself and a few occasional anon contributors working on the Labyrinth Wiki and it would be great to have some help with copy-editing and article expansion. Thanks Nevia1991
Annoying Orange Wiki Hello, I am Knife!, an admin/bureaucrat at the Annoying Orange wiki. We have a handful of users editing frequently with my edits being the majority. I have requested more users before but the wiki was in a state that they were unable to cope with the new editors but now that the wiki is in a better state I am asking again. We are a wiki focusing on YouTube series Annoying Orange with 1,000 articles approaching quickly. We use achievements as a mean of attracting users and getting edits directed to the specific area. We also have chat available but with the limited users it is abandoned. Another thing, there was some controversy between the wiki and Wikia and that has contributed to the fact that only a handful of editors remain as the others were blocked. If we are to have more editors, I plead to the VTSF (or whatever is, I can't remember) to unblock the users involved and thus creating an active wiki once again. Knife!
Scary Fan Stories Hi parkerwd1997 here! I really need some good writers for this wiki! Here you can post scary stories and creepypasta! There's already about 7 stories right now, so come on and help! click here to help! :D
Medieval Wiki This wiki is dedicated to all medieval information. Please help out, as we do not have enough required information! Grovyle4life
RareWiki Hi. RareWiki is a wiki with extensive information on the Rare games, including Donkey Kong Country/Land series, Donkey Kong 64 and Diddy Kong Racing. Kinect Sports is allowed too. Hope you all may join and help. To avoid confusion, those aren't the only two series allowed. It was only an example of the series allowed. Conker's Bad Fur Day
Department Nineteen Wiki Entertainment The wikia is about the book series Department Nineteen by Will Hill. I need editors. Please do edit this wikia if you are a fan of Department 19!
The Troop Wiki Hi. I am currently an admin on The Troop Wiki and it really needs more editors. There's only 2 users (litterly 2). So if you love the Nickeldeon show the troop then come on! JayleyOTP
Prophecy of the Stars Wiki Hi. My name is Twi, and I am one of the admins over from the Prophecy of the Stars Wiki. There are only about six users that have a consistent edit history. The wiki has four admins, and all of them are fairly active. If you like to roleplay as warrior cats, then come here, where you can join one of the clans: DawnClan, TwilightClan, EclipseClan, MidnightClan, and more! Prophecy of the Stars Wiki...Where one prophesied cat isn't good enough... Twilightheart20
League of Legends Wiki Gaming We need to really expand our community and could really use a lot more editors. Thanks! Here is a link to the wiki: League of Legends Wiki Technology Wizard
World War II Wiki Educational/Historical The World War II Wiki really needs editors as I have been the only contributor for quite a while. The wiki has around 160 total pages and about 30 stubs. I can't finish all of those pages by myself, so If anyone wants to stop by, I'd be glad! Fargo84
Godville Wiki Gaming Currently, it is me and one other user who I promoted to an Admin that edit this wiki. This wiki has around 30-something pages, I wish I could add more but I'm just so busy. So I would like more help. DarthCookie
Need For Madness Wiki Gaming There are only a few editors, most who hardly ever edit. This Wiki is in need of your help! None.
EggPedia Gaming EggPedia is a Wiki about easter eggs or references in Video Games, Music, Tv, Movies, ect. I need Admins!. Snazzell
The Banned Wiki Entertainment DeanSims
Rekcufrehtom Wiki Entertainment please go make an account and add your scary stoires (RAGE)666jeff
The Classic Car Wiki Auto Hey everyone! We are looking for editors. You don't have to be intrested in classic to help out! If you like cars, like getting oil under your fingernails or are a classic enthusiast then our wiki is the place for you! We are trying to create 500 pages by Christmas and so far we are around 280. If you like to join our community, just follow our link and take a look around. Give me some feedback and I'll let you know how you can get involved!TheWWC
WIN/FAIL Wiki Entertainment WIN/FAIL Wiki is all about the Wins and FAILs in life. Bill9929
Trackers Interface Wiki Entertainment This wiki is about Patrick Carman's Trackers books. I am the only editor (other then my bot), and I would love some help. I know there's at least 1,000 people intrerested in the series, but I don't know their wikia usernames. iggyvolz
European Windstorms Wiki Science This wiki is the place you could talk and write about European Windstorms. We need some users. Kierant676
Rail of War Wiki Gaming This wiki is about a game. (More details about it inside the wiki.) It was made an day ago and it really needs editors.Sir Galaxy
wtf o meter Wiki Entertainment wtfometer Wiki is about videos that make you go wtf, lol, or what.We are very low on editors Lolster1
Gloucester Wiki Travel The Gloucester Wiki needs Admins and Editors, this site is about the City of Gloucester in the UK and for people who are interested in the city etc, also currently has 16 Pages, Here is the link: - TimeTraveller34
Xbox360LIVE Wiki Gaming A wiki about Xbox 360. I need editors! SgtDerekFrostW
Bleach Role-Playing Wiki Entertainment I created this wiki a while ago and only myself and one other person ever edit on the wiki so it needs editors. Gotek
All Birds Wiki Nature Was originally a bird wiki, but it has expanded to other sciences. I have no idea if there's a way to change the name, so it sticks. Please use your knowledge and expand it! StaraptorEmpoleon
The unwritten Wikia Entertainment This is a wikia where you can write stories, fanfictions or do some roleplay. Please join to expand it and read the rules. Izzynsierrafan12
Pet Shop of Horrors Wiki The wiki about the manga/anime Pet Shop of Horrors. I'm the only active admin on the wiki, and there's never been editors other than me and the other admin. The wiki needs a ton of work, I don't have a clue where to start, and I'll take any help I can get. Ideally, I want someone with more experience as an admin to take control of the wiki. MarleneZ.
Random Wiki Lifestyle Well you write anything random. It's very inactive, we need more editors. Jet50
Polymer Clay Wiki Art Hi this wiki is all about polymer clay and everything you can do with it. So far I'm the only editor and there are only 2 pages so it needs lots of work so I need all the help I can get - and please confirm your facts before you post anything! Kelly321599
The Three Investigators Wiki Entertainment This is a wiki dedicated to the detective series, The Three Investigators, written by Robert Arthur and some more authors. The wiki is, currently, small, and needs a lot of help. Please edit anything you are familiar with. User:Natsu11
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