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The new layout creator seems to not be completed as its not working well (if you leave a space that is not required empty it bugs and adds messages in the page and adding info to templates doesn't work etc)

But what about another option of "layout creator" while making one?

Instead of a page you cannot edit, it would be simply a page fully editable in which you can put anything that can be called a "layout"for certain pages, for example if a monster page always uses template x and y, a part specific to locations and drops, you can put those templates in the page, organize where they should stay, put the locations and drops heading, and leave everything for the members to edit. Not only this would help in making a "default" for pages in any wiki, but it would help wikia contributors to know what they should do in a certain page with something to follow.

This is not very different from the current layout creator, I know, but the current creator is too limited and only works for pages that always have the main elements you decide to put in it, you can't add extra headings or anything, so even if it was working perfectly it would still be limited in its use.

I personally already have texts saved in my computer for "layouts"of certain pages that I use when creating some, but it would be awesome if wiki had such a feature :P

Yechnagoth 03:48, October 10, 2011 (UTC)

The Layout builder was never really finished. That is why I suggest not using it. It has too many faults to be of good use.--GodPray  03:50,10/10/2011 
I know, I tried because it seemed useful but even if it was working without errors, for the wiki I'm working on, still no, unless they add a lot of customization for the person using it like "if you fill x part it adds x heading/template, otherwise it is left empty", that is why I'm suggesting this, its like that page that comes with an image adder but with a lot more things.
Yechnagoth 15:03, October 10, 2011 (UTC)
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