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I've been trying for over an hour to define a CSS style for a page outside the main namespace. But I can't quite figure out the nomenclature. For instance, I'm trying to change the pre style of only MediaWiki:Wikia.css. The basic form for page styling is well understood: element { style }

This will successfully apply sstyle to the element on the page called whatever only.

But I can't seem to figure out how to successfully refer to Wikia.css. I've tried:
and lot of other varitions in between

None of it seems to work. Anybody got any cues on the right way to refer to a MediaWiki (or any other non-main namespace) page? czechout@fandom    fly tardis  <span style="">04:06: Thu 17 May 2012 

Never mind. Figured it out. It's all underscores. So .page-MediaWiki_Wikia_css czechout@fandom    fly tardis  <span style="">04:24: Thu 17 May 2012 
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