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It is total chaos on Apple Wiki. We really need help. All the admins on the wiki are inactive and I am not an admin. May you please make me an admin on the Apple Wiki? Were desprate. Thanks, and please reply back soon whoever gets this message. BIG BILL BLINK 18:00, July 9, 2012 (UTC)

You should contact the Vandalism Spam Task Force if you need help cleaning up vandalism. If the admins have been inactive for 60 days, you can put in an adoption request at Forum:Adoption_requests. But if an admin has edited within the past 60 days, then you can't adopt the wiki. So you'd have to leave a message for the admin(s) and ask them to promote you. 20px_Rin_Tohsaka_Avatar.png Mathmagician ƒ(♫) 18:06 UTC, Mon, 09 July 2012
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