The FANDOM Community Team are members of the FANDOM Staff who help to support and grow all of our communities. We work on a variety of projects and are who you can turn to with questions or concerns. Meet the members of the team below!

Community Team

The Community Team are FANDOM staff members who can help with any issues on any FANDOM site.

Contact us using Special:Contact and let us know how we can help you with your community.



The Gaming team works with users on game communities, from cards to consoles.

TV / Movies

From the small screen to the silver screen, the TV/Movies team works directly with users who are focused on their favorite TV shows and films.


The Anime team works directly with anime and manga communities, putting a new emphasis on and level of support for anime and manga properties.

Editor Experience

The Editor Experience team is focused on elevating the tools and satisfaction for contributors.


The Operations team covers customer support, marketing, and making sure that the day to day operations of the Fandom teams run smoothly.

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