Topluluk Merkezi

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Topluluk Merkezi

Şablon:Needs editor update Starting a new page on FANDOM takes only a couple of clicks and is an important part of contributing to a community. This page, starting with the video below, will walk you through the basics.

Step by step

  • Click on the Add button (it appears as Add New Page if you are an anonymous user) on the top right of your community header.
  • The "Create a new article" box will open.
  • You can choose the article name by typing it in the box. This name will become the last part of the page's URL.
Create page dialog.png

  • Decide between a standard page layout or a blank page. The standard layout provides image and video placeholders as well as section headings. The preload contents for the "Standard layout" are stored at MediaWiki:Createpage-with-video on your community and can be edited by local admins.
Create page template page.png

  • A second way to create a page is by clicking on any red link on your community (which is created by linking to a page that does not exist). You will then be brought into the editor where you can add your content.


The choices in Special:Preferences

The "Editing" tab of Special:Preferences includes options for page creation:

  • Use a blank page as default for creating a new page - This makes the 'Blank page' option the default on the 'Create a new article' box.
  • Disable "Create a new article" flow - If checked, this disables the box for you.

Where to go now

  • Learn how to add photos
  • Learn how to use user pages
  • Learn how to format a page

Further help and feedback

Şablon:Help and feedback section