Topluluk Merkezi

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Topluluk Merkezi

We want FANDOM to be a safe place for everyone, but sometimes, someone misbehaves and starts to harass or bully others. If you see this or feel you are being harassed or bullied, then let an admin know. If that doesn't help, you can also contact FANDOM for help.

Harassment and bullying on FANDOM means that someone is:

  • Making repeated nasty, unwanted comments, chat messages, wall messages, etc.
  • Following a user to other communities to continue a conversation, for example, after being blocked from the user's main community (one wall message on Community Central is allowed).
  • Revealing someone's personal information (phone number, real name, face, school, workplace, address, etc.)
  • Deliberately and repeatedly posting content in order to annoy, intimidate, or tease another person.
  • Using hate speech.
  • Making sexual advances or comments. (This form is known as sexual harassment).

Tips and advice

  • Stop engaging with the person you believe is harassing you and report the harassment to us using this form.
  • Do not retaliate against the person or people.
  • If you are in a chat, block private messages from the person and inform a local admin or chat mod.
  • Do not attempt to get other users involved other than asking an admin on the wiki for help.
  • Respect that one person's opinion may differ from yours. Disagreements are not in themselves harassment.
  • Understand that being told "no" by an admin or community or being blocked from a community is not harassment.
  • If you feel your personal safety is at risk, speak to an adult close to you and consider contacting your local law enforcement.


There are many sites online dedicated to helping people who are being harassed and bullied. These are just a few:

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