• 居住地 California
  • 誕生日 11月 20日
  • 職業 Director of TV/Movies
  • 私は Hombreです
  • 自己紹介 Me gusta el fútbol, hacer Zumba, relajarme en la playa y organizar cosas.
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2017年8月13日 (日) 10:40時点におけるLuchofigo85 (ウォール | 投稿記録)による版

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Hello everyone! My name is Lucho and I'm the director of the TV/Movies vertical. My focus is on growing traffic and laying the foundation for a next-level community experience. Organizing is one of the things I do when I need to ease my mind; it really helps me relax. Whenever I enjoy doing something, I dedicate myself to it 100%.
My Top 3
Videogames Sports Teams Movies TV series Books Music
FIFA series (XBOX) Cienciano (PERU) American Pie Burn Notice Brief wondrous life of Oscar Wao Iration
GoldenEye 007 (Nintendo 64) San Jose Earthquakes (MLS) El Hijo de la Novia How I met your mother Contante y Sonante The Supervillains
Mortal Combat(Super Nintendo) San Diego Chargers (NFL) The Dark Knight It's always sunny in Philadelphia La Ciudad y Los Perros Slightly Stoopid
Contact: The best place to contact me is on my  Message Wall.

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