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Striking a Balance[]

The Customization Policy below exists to maintain this critical balance - customization and creative expression on one side and consistency and usability on the other. In particular, this new version of the customization policy will focus most strongly on the usability of a community. While we are allowing more parts of the design to be modified than in previous versions of this policy, we are going to be more aggressive about ensuring readers with varying levels of technological and physical abilities will be able to use your community.


Simply because you “can” do something doesn’t mean you “should”. While there are some specific things we allow and don’t allow listed further down the page, it’s always a good idea to consider a few things before moving forward with a customization.

テーマデザイナー - 閲覧者の視点でカスタマイズをするには、テーマデザイナーをご利用いただくことをお勧めしています。テーマデザイナーは、選択した設定をベースとして、テキストの色や色彩を自動的に設定してくれます。また、背景画像とFandomコミュニティのロゴもここでアップロードできます。

Discuss changes with your community. - It’s always important to ensure your community is on board with a site design change. What looks good to you may look bad to others. It’s also important to consider if the proposed change solves a problem or limitation with your current design. If it doesn’t, is the change actually necessary?

Consider usability. Critically, remember there are individuals that use your site that may have physical limitations that could make a customization detrimental to their reading or editing experience. Avoid a reliance on color coding to be inclusive of colorblind individuals. Make sure any custom fonts or font-sizes can be read by those with poor eyesight - test on a screen reader when possible. And opacity can be taxing on even those who have normal vision.

Consider screen sizes. Remember that the UCX desktop design has a fluid width, so how a customization appears on your screen may look different on others. This is especially true if you have a larger-than-average monitor. Hardcoding a CSS change to space things out a certain way on your screen may unexpectedly compress or distort the viewing experience for other users.

Consider performance. It’s also important to consider the CSS & JS files take up computational and rendering time, especially if you are loading up an image. Poor speeds can hurt your SEO. It can also affect users with lower-bandwidth connections. If you must load images using CSS or JS, make sure they are as small and compressed as possible.

What Is & Is Not Permitted[]

It is important to note that all the following policies apply to site-level JavaScript & CSS (i.e. code stored on your wiki’s MediaWiki namespace). You may continue to use your personal JavaScript/CSS however you would like as long as it does not affect any other user. Also please note that, as noted in a previous section, if a customization makes a part of the community unusable, regardless of what “area” that customization affects, we will ask you to modify or remove it.

例 :

ユーザーのインターフェースと広告はサイトの基本的な枠組みであり、サイトに要求される機能でもあるので、このような機能に変更を加えることはご遠慮ください。例えば「編集」ボタンあるいは「最近の更新」ボタンは、ページを見る閲覧者が常に同じ場所で見つけられるようにすべきであり、期待通りに機能すべきものです。Additionally, custom cursors are not permitted. 一部の機能は任意で変更可能ですが、CSSを通じてこれらを除去せずに、コミュニティの設定を通じて行うようお願いしています。これは、機能がFandom全体でどのように利用されているかについて正確なデータをトラッキングするためにも重要となります。
Communities may customize the content area of their community (that is to say the area of the page where user-submitted content is displayed) as desired.
The complete background of the page may be modified using CSS to override or complement the “page header”-type image. Other changes to the background may not force the site to be rendered in a certain width or otherwise modify the fluidity of the layout.
これはサイトの基本的な枠組みで、あらゆる訪問者向けに便利なリンクが表示されているため、ネットワーク全体で統一して残しておく必要があります。As such, the left hand global navigation bar may not be altered, repositioned, obscured, or otherwise affected in any way.
ナビゲーションメニューのコンテンツはナビゲーションシステムのメッセージ編集によってのみ追加可能です。Additional items on all other child menus may be appended as necessary.
The page header may be modified through the use of properly-licensed fonts. However, Fandom staff will be particularly proactive in addressing any issues that negatively impact the usability of this part of the page and will ask you to change it if we deem it unusable.
Additional elements and modules are allowed to be placed in the right rail, below the default elements. ただし、広告要素の位置を変更するようなものを追加し、表示位置を下げることは禁止です。
広告/機能/レイアウトを変更する個人用 CSS/JS
個人用CSSとJSで変更を加えることは認められています。あなたの知識が許す限り、ご自分の体験を独自のものにしていただくことが可能です。コミュニティフォーラム (英語版) では、非常に経験豊かなユーザーから多くの有用なヘルプを見つけることができます。