This template holds the blogs featured on Community Central's main page.
The main page is designed to have one featured blog on top, and two secondary blogs below it.
The image of a featured blog should be 858x379 in size. The image of a non-featured blog should be 858x379 or 419x185 in size.
Type {{Mainpage Blogs}} on the mainpage.
Type {{Mainpage Blog Header|<the filename of the image>}} on blogs.


| category = Fandom News {{!}} FANDOM News {{!}} Fantasy Fight -- filter by category

| namespace = User_blog -- filter by namespace

| uses = Template:Mainpage Blog Header -- get pages using the mentioned template

| ordermethod = firstedit -- order by date of creation

| order = descending -- newest first

| count = 3 -- self explanatory

| addeditdate = true -- enables %DATE%

| include = {Mainpage Blog Header}:1 -- 'include' value of the first parameter passed to the template - filename

| format = ,²{Mainpage Blog¦%PAGE%¦,¦%DATE%}²\n,


For format you have to take note of the commas. There are 4 sub-parameters here. 'Before all', 'before entry', 'after entry', 'after all'. All 'includes' are added between 'before entry' and 'after entry'. In the example first and last are empty and the entry is split to insert the filename from include as 2nd parameter. ²{, ¦, are replacements for {{, }}, | respectively when dpl is used in the {{#dpl:}} form.