{{Desktop/doc}} is a very simple, text-only template designed for use on help pages. It's meant to have the template classification of "context-link", so that it will appear both indented and as a block element on mobile devices. Please don't change the template classification without good cause.


The standard message is:

このページはPC版のスキンでご覧いただくことをおすすめします。 (このページをPC版スキンで見る)

If you want to add something beyond the standard message, you can do so by adding it after a pipe, like this: {{desktop|<Here's some additional text.>}}

このページはPC版のスキンでご覧いただくことをおすすめします。 Here's some additional text. (このページをPC版スキンで見る)


Because this message is designed to be used primarily as a context-link on mobile, you will almost certainly want to add some formatting that will be seen by our desktop skin but ignored by mobile. The best method?


The wikitext colons add indentation that only our desktop skin sees. Indentation on mobile is added by virtue of the fact that the template is classified as a context-link.

特に記載のない限り、コミュニティのコンテンツはCC-BY-SA ライセンスの下で利用可能です。