• Greeting from df

    I'm sorry to bother you.(And talking in English ,idk Japanese sorry)

    I am the new Chinese ivt trainee. It seems that the Japanese Community Center is very quiet recently,too. Our only semi-Chinese employee, Cal-Boy, has gone on annual leave. So I'm the only one left with the support of the Chinese community.QwQ

    You seem to be my Senpai, I really hope to communicate with you and learn from your experience :) But I don't have full access to slack's channel yet :(

    What do you usually do to help communities?

    By the way, I am really love in Japanese ACGN culture. Do you know these?

    • 你好♪

      Welcome to IVT team!!
      Japanese Community Central is “usually” so quiet because we don’t tend to use forums/discussions/blogs to communicate at Community Central.
      But sometimes we come here to see information, so I would like to update help pages and post important information as an IVT member!

      I hope you access Slack as soon as possible! If you don’t have the solution for something they ask, we can ask other members (^-^)/

      I like reading, so I read some Comics and Novels, too!

    • I'm sorry I forgot to reply to you. I've been busy in real life these days.

      This is my third week as an helper, and in the fifth week I will be a full member. We can communicate easily soon. ≧ω≦

      Indeed, in China, people don't use community centers very much to communicate. Most of us using QQ (An Instant Messenger, just like LINE in Japan). We have an “Official” QQ-group (create by User:Cal-Boy looooonnnngggggg time ago).

      PS.Do you know which novel/manga/animation character my avatar is?www

    • Please do not force us to reply in 1 day (^-^)/
      I didn’t know Chinese communities has QQ channel!

      Sadly I haven’t read “No Game, No Life” yet.

    • But we do! w:zh:FANDOM QQ群 (Are you interested in joining us?LOL)

      Wow, how do you know this? She's really the character of ngnl. I dare not say that ngnl is a good novel, but its world outlook is very grand. (And the characters in ngnl are really good.)

    • I’ not sure where/when I saw her before (>_<)

      QQ... I’d like to do something about that later and ask you about it again.

    • NGNL light noval 6th was made into movie in 2017. It called No-Game-No-Life : Zero. Maybe you have heard it ! (And I wonder why fandom doesn't have

      If you want to join our qq group, you need a QQ number first. I suggest you download both QQinternational and normal version, because now the normal version can only use Chinese mobile phone number to register, and the user experience of QQi is too bad. Call me whenever you are in trouble. I'm looking forward to your joining us.(。>∀<。)

    • I thought I'd like to add the link to FANDOM QQ群 page on ZH CC main page, but you've already done (^o^)

      Thanks, I might try setting QQ after my busy season!

    • I found that the QQ international has some great features. First, it has Japanese. Then there is its real-time translation function - you can translate by clicking on the dialog box!

      Just download QQi, then sacn the QRcode on ZH CC main page or click this : . You will find our group easily ~

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