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I membri dello staff aiutano a supportare e far crescere tutte le nostre community. Lavoriamo su una varietà di progetti e siamo coloro a cui puoi rivolgerti per domande o problemi. Contattaci usando Speciale:Contatta e facci sapere come possiamo aiutarti con la tua community, e incontra il team qui sotto!

Community Team Overview

  • Community Experience. Il team di Community Experience (ComEx) è principalmente responsabile di fornire supporto proattivo a voi in quanto editor. Lo facciamo in molti modi. Per prima cosa, abbiamo una gestione proattiva delle wiki con membri del team che lavorano direttamente con le migliori community per assicurarsi che ricevano il supporto e le novità su Fandom di cui hanno bisogno. Questo è fatto tramite una combinazione di Community Manager nel nostro team dello staff, così come di Rappresentanti delle Wiki. Conduciamo anche una serie di iniziative programmatiche a cui gli utenti possono partecipare, come sessioni AMA, live-stream dove ricevere le novità sugli ultimi sviluppi di Fandom per rimanere informati, e l'annuale Community Connect.
  • Customer Support. Hai mai inviato una richiesta di supporto attraverso il nostro sistema Zendesk? La persona che ti ha risposto fa parte del Customer Support! Mentre Community Experience è il nostro team proattivo che vi ricerca direttamente, il Customer Support è il nostro team di specialisti dedicati a rispondere ogni volta che chiedete aiuto per qualcosa sulla vostra wiki.
  • Community Activations. Il nostro team di Community Activations (ComAct) porta il lavoro di sviluppo della community al livello successivo. Talvolta, uno studio TV o un editor di un gioco ci chiede “hey, voogliamo sponsorizzare un'intera wiki sul nostro show o gioco.” Il nostro team di Community Activations si assicura che queste wiki, spesso wiki nuove dove non esiste ancora una community, appaiano accattivanti e siano la migliore versione possibile di quello che può essere una wiki. Nel caso di una wiki con una community esistente, il nostro team lavorerà direttamente con gli amministratore e gli editor per portarla al livello successivo dedicando risorse del nostro team a costruire più contenuti, aggiornando la grafica, e altro. Community Activations lavora anche sul nostro programma di Wiki Ufficiali.
  • Community Safety. Nulla di quello detto sopra sarebbe possibile se non vi sentiste sicuri sulla piattaforma Fandom. Questo è il team che si concentra sulla sicurezza degli utenti, assicurandosi di tenere la piattaforma libera da molestie, bullismo, o altri comportamenti negativi di utenti in cattiva fede. Sono anche responsabili per la revisione e l'implementazione di regolamenti per la sicurezza degli utenti, inclusi regolamenti su quali tipologie di contenuti sono e saranno consentiti sulla piattaforma Fandom nel futuro. Controllano il processo di revisione di JavaScript, per essere sicuri che non ci sia codice malevolo sulla piattaforma che possa danneggiarvi; il vandalismo, attraverso il nostro team SOAP, per mantere le wiki pulite; e le immagini, dato che si revisionano manualmente tutte le immagini che vengono caricate sulla piattaformma per prevenire pornografia, gore e altre immagini non consone.

Meet the Community Team

Name Photo Team Title Username Bio
Amber AmberR.jpg Customer Support Sr. Manager of Customer Support AmbyRO Amber joined Curse in March of 2014 as a Customer Support Specialist and now leads the customer support team at Fandom. Amber is a big fan of books in general and is an avid reader. When she is not reading, you can find her watching reality tv or working on her 5K run time.
Antonio Avatar - Bola staff.jpg Community Experience Community Manager (Gaming) Antonio R. Castro Antonio started editing wikis in Wikipedia and then started working on the Spanish Grand Theft Encyclopedia as bureaucrat. He had already been working for Fandom for 3 years as a Spanish community helper and then he became a Fandom contractor in 2011. He loves wikis about video games and entertainment, and he's passionately in love with managing communities - including wiki-dramas!

Languages: es-N, en-3

Brandon BrandonRhea.png Community Vice President of Community Brandon Rhea Brandon's been a Fandom user since 2006 and a member of Fandom Staff since 2010. Outside of staff work, Brandon also contributes to Wookieepedia. He's a pretty big Star Wars fan.
Brian Brian Linder.png Community Activations Director of Community Activations Brian Linder Brian works with studios, networks, and other content companies to connect them with our communities. He has been on the fan-media scene since dial-up, and loves space sagas and superheroes.
CzechOut CzechOut.jpg Community Activations Special Project Implementation CzechOut Before there was a CzechOut, there was just some anonymous guy editing Fandom back when it was WikiCities. So he's been around for the whole Fandom story but only started working here in 2014. When not undercover on some secret Special Operations project, he can usually be found feeding a life-long Doctor Who obsession at Tardis, internally debating whether he better likes Irish whiskey or a good single malt, getting lost in a new city, or digging deep into the latest Apple® product.
Dylan Dylan-staff.png Community Safety Community Manager, Safety DToast Dylan joined the Community Safety team in 2021. His favorite wikis are The Elder Scrolls, Nukapedia, and Wookieepedia. Outside of wikis he enjoys playing games, reading some obscure history book, and ranting about the last season of Game of Thrones.
Elsa Elsa-i18n.jpg Community Experience Community Manager (Cross-Vertical) Hypsoline Elsa is a Community Manager on the Community Experience team. She's an avid series consumer and particularly enjoys anything related to Science Fiction, having been raised with X-Files and Star Wars. She also likes going to concerts during her free time.
George Kirkburn-GoApe.jpg Customer Support Technical Support Lead Kirkburn Kirkburn, sometimes known as George, joined the Community Support team in late 2012, having been a product manager at Fandom for several years. Kirkburn is not a recovering WoW-addict - indeed, he has not stopped playing since launch day in 2005, and it was joining WoWWiki a year later that got him into wikis. (He does play other games too.) He trained as a Civil Engineer, but is not going to make any jokes about 'building bridges with the community' here.
Héctor Hector Avatar.jpg Community Experience Community Manager (Special Projects) CuBaN VeRcEttI Hector has been a Fandom user since 2007. He is bureaucrat on Grand Theft Encyclopedia and Animuspedia, besides contributing on many other wikis. He loves video games, music, sports, movies, TV... and everything that can be fun! He has been working as a Fandom staff since 2011, initially helping the Spanish community.

Languages: es-N, ca-N, en-3

James JamesStaff.png Community Activations Community Partnerships, Gaming Jmt115 James came out of light speed into the Fandom Universe during the summer of 2018. Outside of being a life-long Star Wars, Marvel, and playstation fan-boy; James is an avid fan of Hip-Hop/Rap, true crime, and cooking. Some of his favorite Fandoms include the aforementioned Star Wars and Marvel Universes, Game of Thrones, Peaky Blinders, and any sort of narrative based video game-- think God of War and The Last of Us.
Jenny Pikushistaffimage.jpg Community Safety Wiki Team Lead Pikushi Pikushi joined the Fandom team in 2019 but has been watching and loving anime for most of her life. Her academic background is in Japanese linguistics and culture - her favorite Japanese era is Heian, and her favorite Japanese dialect is Nanbu-ben. She also enjoys cosplay, playing video games, & overall, being a little chaotic.

Languages: en-N, ja-5

John JT222.jpg Community Experience Director of Community Experience JT222 Long-time listener, first-time caller John loves all things comic books. With capes branching out to TV and film, his interests broadened to those mediums as well. Beyond daydreaming about super powers, he loves cooking, visiting parks and '90s music.
Kim Kimberton.jpg Customer Support Support Specialist Kimberton Kim joined the Customer Support team in late 2020. Kim has a variety of obsessions ranging from The Nightmare Before Christmas, Doctor Who and all things dark and spooky. Everyday is Halloween to Kimberton.
Lucas Lder1995 Avatar.png Community Experience Community Manager (Anime) Lder1995 Lucas is a passionate anime fan and has contributed to Fandom in some capacity since 2017. His passion for anime and manga first took hold when he stumbled across a copy of the Pokemon Adventures manga in his small town's public library as a child, and has never looked back. When Lucas is not trying to make Fandom the greatest resource for anime content in the world, he's playing a video game, training for a marathon, editing a podcast, or writing some kind of media review or critique.
Mandy MandyStaffImage.jpg Community Experience Community Manager (Entertainment) idekmandy Mandy joined Fandom in 2015 and has been hooked ever since. She started out as an admin on several wikis before making the jump to Wiki Manager and now Community Manager. She has a major addiction to TV, horror movies, and tattoos, and when not on Fandom, you can probably find her geeking out at horror conventions or at a coffee shop making fan art.
Marc-Philipp Marc-Philipp.png Community Safety International Coordinator MtaÄ Marc took the long road to Fandom by joining through an import of in 2008. He's been working as helper for two years until he joined Fandom staff in late 2010 to lead the team moving forward. He enjoys a wide blend of metal music, playing RPGs and surprisingly, some gardening as well.
Mike CavStaffImage.png Community Activations Content Team Lead Cavalier One Mike joined the Fandom team in 2016. He is an active contributor and administrator of Wookieepedia, and has been editing wikis since 2007. His main passion is (obviously) Star Wars, but he loves pop culture in all forms including films, television shows, books, and comics. Also, he has no problem talking about himself in the third person. When not editing wikis, he can be found reading, playing computer games, or adding to his already extensive collection of LEGO sets. Tea plays a significant role in his life, and the day is not complete without at least several cups.
Sannse Sannse.png Community Safety Community Support Director Sannse Sannse is the longest-standing member of the Fandom Community Staff. One of her passions (aside from wikis, of course) is making jewelry. She's collected hundreds of different beads, with lava stone among her favorites. You can find her hanging out on Community Central and visiting the amazing variety of communities across Fandom. Feel free to say hello!
Tim TimQKatahdin.png Community Safety Director of Community Safety TimmyQuivy Tim Quievryn has been editing wikis since 2004 and been working at Fandom since mid-2009. Stock car racing, photography, and hiking are his main hobbies, but he loves staying to learn a little bit about the topic of each wiki he helps out.
Tots Trino.png Community Experience Community Manager (Cross-Vertical) HeyTots Tots started his career working for game communities as a Game Master for MMORPGs. After working 10 years in game development he joined Fandom to help serve the Fandom/Gamepedia communities. He loves podcasting, table top games, and any MMO he can sink a few hundred hours in!
Yura KuzuraStaffCard.jpg Customer Support Support Specialist Kuzura Yura began as simple user on the Russian Lostpedia in March of 2008. In 2010, he joined the International Volunteers Team as Helper and since 2017 he has been working as a staff. His favorite fandoms are Avatar: The Last Airbender, Lost, The Chronicles of Narnia, Game of Thrones, Grimm, The Walking Dead, Doctor Who, Mass Effect and other popular fantasy and sci-fi tv-series and universes.