• I was blocked!? Why!? I am not a troll! What! I was a troll on the English mario wiki? And I was blocked for infinite and you did not give me a chance! I was not a troll on the English wiki!

    I don't understand Italian ( sorry if I offended you ) but I did translate the block reason!

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    • Speaking with the collegues of the english Mario Wiki, they've told me that you gave them some problems and that you've annoyed them. I won't take the risk of having an annoying person wandering in the italian Mario Wiki, and also, since it's italian, why were you even there?

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    • Also, you should stop commenting under threads with either stupid or off-topic interventions where your presence isn't requested, and learn where to create threads in the correct forums.

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    • 1. Woah! Sorry I didn't know I jumped a huge boarder and broke any rules 0-0 if I wasn't allowed to go to wiki with a different language it wouldn't let me

      2. Ummmm... how did THEY know!?

      3. I can't understand the language lol so how am I susposed to know what thread goes where?

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    • 1. Since you don't speak italian, best you can do is adding interwiki links. But it doesn't seem you like editing, instead you like annoying people...

      2. Oh, well, ask them, since you came from there.

      3. Maybe don't invade threads where you don't understand what's going on by simply not saying anything?

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    • 1. I can't edit! I don't like annoying people

      2. Ok

      3. Ok I will translate it next time

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    • Un utente di FANDOM
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