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The following wikia:

Has a creator and editor who is clearly partisan and publishing inaccurate information. Several people have tried making suggestions of corrections and additions, but since the creator controls it he simply deletes anything that goes against his political opinion. Me and several other people have tried reporting it without success.

The page is in Portuguese and we have a Brazilian election 2 weeks from now.

Some of the inaccuracies of the page include:

- He ignores that the minimum wage at the end of 94 was R$70, and not 64.9. And in the comparison between the increases in minimum wage between 94-2002 and 2002-2010 he insists on using the nominal figure. Anyone who knows anything about economics knows that you have to adjust for inflation, and even though this has been pointed out to him several times, he refuses to make that change, as it would clearly change the comparison he is trying to make in favor of another political party.

- He tries to compare the economic growth of Brazil in its local currency to the economic growth of the world in dollars. Me and several others have pointed out that the economic growth of the world in dollars can only be compared to the economic growth of Brazil in dollars. Or, better yet, to avoid exchange rate fluctuations, he should present the comparison of the economic growth of Brazil in dollars at purchasing power parities to the economic growth of the world in dollars at purchasing power parities.

- Similarly, people have suggested that the external debt figures should be presented not only in nominal local currency, like he is doing now, but as a share of gdp.

- Finally, people have suggested the inclusion of figures on the GINI index and on the average household income, and he has ignored them.

Every time someone makes one of these suggestions, Rodrigo Barni deletes them without reason and without incorporating them into the wikia page.

Wikia shouldn't be used as a place where clearly partisan individuals manipulate things to make their preferred party look better. At the very least the page should be deleted, or a neutral editor assigned to it.


Some other observations by Fabiol 02:26, October 21, 2010 (UTC):

Translated version for helping wikia (non-portugueser reader) admins:

Deeply biased or wrong data:

- Poverty rate: date includes year 1994 (before FHC government - see other stats) just to make numbers look better.

- Minimum wage: non deflated numbers are used in charts! unbelieavable. how one can serious discuss minimum wage without considering inflation?

- Economic growth rate: only the rate compared to world avereage is shown on chart, because otherwise it would not please the author conclusion.

- Unemployment: the data is simply wrong. By checking the same reference they use (an xls file) one will find 10.5% for dez/2002 and 6.7% para agosto/2010 (not 6.17% x 6.9%).

- Federal debt: not compared to the GDP. It is almost like this guy is mocking on reader's inteligence.

- Consumer inflation: he doesn't show the number in chart (which would be unfavorable) but rather the inflation compared to past government. Since previous government had hyperinflation on it's record he can prove anything.

These are just a few examples.