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File:Oasis2.jpg |By Crotocall
File:Oasis2.jpg |By Crotocall
File:Wikiaformers.jpg |By B14
File:Wikiaformers.jpg |By B14
Slide2.PNG|By TurtleShroom.
Slide1.PNG|By TurtleShroom
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Screen_shot_2010-10-03_at_4.45.37_PM.png|By Mrepic
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File:Oasis.PNG|By Kanzler31
File:Oasis.PNG|By Kanzler31
Sarah's way.jpg|by [[User:Airhogs777|Airhogs777]]
Sarah's way.jpg|by [[User:Airhogs777|Airhogs777]]
Slide3.png|By TurtleShroom
Oasis Reaction.jpg|By [[User:U.Nknown Idiot]] (Alan Shepard)|link=
Oasis Reaction.jpg|By [[User:U.Nknown Idiot]] (Alan Shepard)|link=
Screen shot 2010-10-03 at 10.37.11 PM.png|By Mrepic
Screen shot 2010-10-03 at 10.37.11 PM.png|By Mrepic

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Anti-Wikia Alliance
The AWA logo
Name: Anti-Wikia Alliance (AWA)
Founders: Smiley12
Airhogs777 (co-founder)
Slogan: Give me Monaco or give me death!
Created: 17:32, September 29, 2010

This page is backed up as there is a high risk this page will be deleted by staff. In the event of this pages deletion, the full conversation will be moved to ShoutWiki.

Disclaimer: This page is not a petition. This forum page is for a group of wikia editors who call themselves the "Anti-Wikia Alliance," (AWA), hoping to give the Wikia staff a different perspective.

The other half of this page, the List of Wikis Moving, is here for informational purposes only, to keep track of a list of wikis planning to switch to a Wikia alternative due to the switch to The New Look, Wikia, or Oasis skin (whatever the staff prefers to call it).

The users that contribute to this page are not liable for its content or any disturbances it may cause. Comments are welcome.


Wikias who have left wikia

(Please add your new wiki link here so we can keep track of all new moved wikis)
Main article: Forum:Anti-Wikia Alliance/linkdatabase.



Main article: Forum:Anti-Wikia Alliance/comments.


Declaration of Independence

Main article: Forum:Anti-Wikia Alliance/declaration of independence.



Where do I go if I leave Wikia?

A: There are plenty of wiki farms out there, as well as independent wikis that welcome new users. You can even import your account to some of them!

What hosting alternatives are their to Wikia?

Alternatives to wikia
Site Description Rating
Comparison of wiki farms List of wiki farms like wikia. Here is an older version with many more companies listed. Click the "Base wiki engine" in the table to see all mediawiki hosted sites
Shoutwiki In existence since April 2009. Free

Glowing-star-animated.gif Glowing-star-animated.gif Glowing-star-animated.gif Glowing-star-animated.gif Star_empty_small.PNG Very basic site. A lot of enticing promises on the features page. 100% free. "Features complete back-end control with full FTP and Cpanel access. Initially 1GB storage and 10GB bandwidth. Install any wiki script. Add unlimited custom templates, add-ons, and plugins. Free domain names for popular wikis." First edit on the wiki main page was only in June 2009, so may not be there in the long term. (Many of these sites don't last)

Glowing-star-animated.gif Glowing-star-animated.gif Glowing-star-animated.gif Star_empty_small.PNG Star_empty_small.PNG

Referata An AD-free wiki hosting site which supports semantic databases and allows for free wiki customization for admins via the site settings page, you can choose whatever skin you want and you can choose whether or not anonymous users can edit or not.

Glowing-star-animated.gif Glowing-star-animated.gif Glowing-star-animated.gif Glowing-star-animated.gif Star_empty_small.PNG

Nintendo Independent Wiki Alliance (NIWA) Began in January 2010.[1] "What the three founding wikis had in common was a mutual disdain for the recent corporatization of wikis. Over the past few years it has become increasingly difficult for fan wikis to operate in the shadow of large companies like Wikia." ??
My-Wiki-Biz Over 60,000 pages, since 2008. Page editors keep 100% of ad revenues. It's not a wiki-farm, only one large wiki, so you have to work "within" the overall site.

Star_empty_small.PNG Star_empty_small.PNG Star_empty_small.PNG Star_empty_small.PNG Star_empty_small.PNG

How do I move my Wiki to a new host?

  1. Download a database dump from Special:Statistics on your wiki (towards the bottom).
  2. Contact the new host and they will explain how they want you to upload the database dump (you can usually use Special:Import).
If moving to ShoutWiki, you will have to either e-mail them at with the link to your wiki and the link to the new wiki or file a bug report at BugZilla.shoutwiki under imports with the same links.


Add your wiki to the list, make sure you have the community's agreement Make SURE that you are an administrator of the wiki.

For a list of Wikis that have finished moving with their links, see: Forum:Anti-Wikia Alliance/linkdatabase

1000+ pages




  • Dofus Brazil (Pending, if no users responses, we change)
  • Dead Rising wait and see




N c


  • Pikipedia (moved to
  • Pikcanon-NOT (moved to
  • PvXWiki (Pending, prepping for the leave, probably going to Curse)


  • Runescape Classic Wiki (Pending)
  • Reborn Wiki (Pending )



  • Talisman Online Wiki
  • Tractor and Construction Plant Wiki (Pending - If no user response Founder to create a Fork)


  • Un-Club Penguin Wiki


100 - 1000 pages



  • Darker than Black Wiki


  • legoatlantis Wiki


  • Nerfipedia (not leaving, just rebelling)


  • Pokemonfakemon Wiki
  • Patapedia (Pending) - We need a majority rule to be in effect first.


50 - 100 pages



  • My City Life Wiki



  • NCIS Wiki (Not Moving, but created as a Safe Haven for NCIS Fans who want to leave Wikia. Located here.)


  • Pro Hockey Wiki

Anti-Wikia Alliance editors

Add your username to the list if you are leaving Wikia due to the new "Wikia" skin

  • Smiley12 - Founder
  • Monster2821
  • Animusic
  • Sirnot1
  • Ultimatesupersaiyanvegito
  • The Solar Dragon☆ - Whether it is with the wikis I edit on or not, I will be gone by the end of October.
  • BulldozerD11 - The Forced adoption of the new skin is just the latest in a number of changes that effect small wikis that include been sidelined by the new Portal hubs, The inability to add license info in the 'improved' gallery upload, The shift to social site, Blogs etc. I joined to create an encyclopaedia based sited.
  • I-20 (currently moving founded wikis off-Wikia)
  • TheHomer
  • Cobweb - Oh, definitely! I'm taking my wiki with me, too.
  • Randomtime - Due to the nonfree Terms of Service change
  • Lookerisawesome - I think it's BS and stupid. MAJORITY RULES, last time I checked >:@
  • Kyle123197 - Hated the skin from the second I saw it.
  • TulipVorlax - Not because of the skin though. It's sad because i was in the process of becomming a french helper and now that won't happen. Sorry Wikia.
  • ~Mrepic~Talk to me 20:49, October 3, 2010 (UTC) 16:33, October 3, 2010 (UTC) - It's time we make a stand. I have two wikis. I'm bringing my new one off wikia, but my other one, the one I hate, I'm cluttering up to give wikia a piece of my mind! Stop Oasis! bring down the wikia empire!
  • Biggest GTA Fan EverTalk
  • Sandflyer83 - That's it, I'm leaving.
  • [Sheepman] - FIGHTTHEPOWER!
  • B14 - Against the tyranny.
  • Kanzler31 - Oasis is just a piece of ****. WIKI PATRIOTS!
  • KingH10, CPFW - KingH10 don't want new skin. WAAAAAA!!!!
  • GregoryKohs - It's time Jimmy Wales was exposed for what he is -- a crowdsourcing predator.
  • -- Triskelle3 Speak up! 20:01, October 4, 2010 (UTC) - Dear Wikia:

Go salaí na gráinneoga cealgrúnacha do chuid calóga arbhair.

In English, that means "May the malevolent hedgehogs soil your cornflakes".

Editors that hate the Oasis/Wikia skin but are not leaving

Loyal to Wikia? Don't want to move? Add your username if you hate the new skin

  • Airhogs777 - Co-Founder
  • GameGear360
  • LeonStrife95
  • TVthePunisher - I'm up in the air about this, as is Bleach Wiki on the matter. We may or may not be moving, we'll update with a final decision after we go through a proper, full discussion on the matter.
  • User:Goodwood
  • 600613
  • Unregistered Contributor~aka~X~ I don't know if I'm leaving. I think I'll just see how it pans out. I would like to sing a song respecting the wonderful staff for listening to us, so here's the link .
  • Legoace342 - I' half leaving. MLN Wiki is leaving but other wikis I'm on aren't.
  • User:Matthew2602
  • Godisme- I will be doing whatever Bleach wiki does. If we move, I am leaving wikia, if not I will stay with it
  • TheDevilHand888 - Same as other Bleach Wiki members.
  • Chimpso
  • Thebrains222 - Wikia are throwing so much away with the new skin.
  • GTAAAF - I will protect Monaco, until his death :'(
  • Ciencia Al Poder - Still not sure what to do.
  • Courtney~Duncan~TDA - I'm definetely not abandoning wiki for a motive like this, but I want the monaco skin to be at least a choice.
  • Misstditylerfan - Agreed with Courtney~Duncan~TDA.
  • Kingcjc - depends on the wiki. If some I work on vote to stay, and some leave, I work on them leaving.
  • TDobsessed88- I agree with Courtney~Duncan~TDA
  • Lssj4 - I l agree with courtney.I just cant take this anymore the look isnt here yet but once it is there will be A ALLAINCE!
  • DecL2010
  • Misiek95 – I'm not sure, so now here.
  • AlexShepherd
  • Mackmoron11 - I might be leaving, but for now I'm staying at Wikia...
  • JacktheBlack- right now I'm seeing what my fellow admins think and fell on this issue
  • Chessmaster - What is there to like about Oasis? Template:Signatures/Chessmaster 18:27, October 2, 2010 (UTC)
  • TheSlicer - I'm usually not one to participate in petitions, but I'm so infuriated by the new skin that I hardly care anymore.
  • Some Color Mage: Whether or not I completely leave Wikia is dependent on the decision of the Final Fantasy Wiki.
  • nh.jg - When the Monaco skin came out back in 2008, there used to be negative comments surrounding the change. I, for one, happened to appreciate the transition to Monaco ever since, but now that Wikia has decided to adopt another skin to replace Monaco, the same trend of feedback has happened again only this time I am part of those people opposing such transition to the new skin.
  • SubAqua I don't understand why the staff isn't listening to those who keep the community running. It's like they're trying to force us to accept this, even though that should be impossible, since we are herre of our own free will.
  • Crotocall
  • TurtleShroom - I'd only take fleeing as a last resort, but I despise the stupidity of the Staff and will gladly leave if I MUST.
  • Blackworm - Why couldn't this have been simply optional? I just don't get it. Why do the other skins need to be deleted? Utterly humiliating and utterly pointless...
  • Scarbrow - Still considering the final flee, but decidedly hate both Oasis's design and forcedness.
  • Iamred1 - I just can go.
  • Urai Fen - I'm Wikia Helper, but I hate oasis too.
  • DelNorte - Oasis is crap.
  • JASPER//"Do you like hurting other people?"Fight with me brothers and sisters of the wiking world! If The Vault and Resistance go, then I go.
  • Tails6000 11:51, October 6, 2010 (UTC)
  • I'm not going to leave, because my home wiki of Zeldapedia is not moving, but I seriously hate the skin and doubt I will continue to edit anyhow. Wikia, you are MORONS. -Stars talk 16:14, October 6, 2010 (UTC)

Users/Wikis Staying at Wikia but Support the ones Leaving


  • Ghostbusters Wiki will support original editors, and therefore if we link to you at wikia, and you move, the link changes. Like Transformers Wiki.
  • Roleplaying Adventures Wiki: we have decided to stay at Wikia at least for the time being. We hate the Oasis skin, and may reconsider if/when Oasis is implemented and if we find it unbearable. We fully support those who are walking.


Users who enjoy the new layout

  • BTW, this page looks very nice on the new layout. :) --Callofduty4 18:30, October 3, 2010 (UTC)
    • Maybe try something like min-width:800px on the blue bg divs? NayayenTALK 00:42, October 4, 2010 (UTC)
  • It's not that bad, you get used to it. After using it for around a month, I find it hard to go back to Monaco whenever I need to get on my Bot account for some reason or another. Zamorak 02:59, October 4, 2010 (UTC)

Useful External Links

  • MediaWiki (the free software that Wikia, Wikimedia, ShoutWiki and others use for wiki websites, useful if you have the tech skills to go full indepedant.)
  • ShoutWiki (a free wiki provider.)
  • Referata (An Ad-Free wiki hosting provider with customization options)
  • Wikkii (A free wiki provider with advanced hosting options.)
  • NIWA - Nintendo Independent Wiki Alliance: A growing network of independently hosted and operated Nintendo Wikis working together to support each other and anyone else who they can help. Even if you are not a Nintendo Wiki, NIWA can still try to help you, though Membership is limited to Nintendo Wikis only.
  • Encyc, a free wiki repository for pages



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