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Welcome to Founder & Admin Central

Welcome to Founder & Admin Central. Here you'll find blog posts, guides to getting started on a wiki and forums — all geared towards founders and admins. We're still adding but in the meantime take a look around, say hello and join the community!

Founder & Admin Blog

Here you'll read blog posts specifically written for founders and admins. We'll cover all sorts of topics; from introducing new products to how to use them and everything in between for all your wiki needs. We'll also be highlighting user written blog posts in our Wiki Wisdom category. Take a look!

Guides: Getting Started

Want to learn the ins and outs of wikis and wiki culture? Dive into our Getting Started Guides. Here you'll find articles that walk you through features, best practices and more!


Got a question? Have an answer? You'll find the Founder & Admin forums here. This is where you can ask questions, discuss issues, offer help and learn the A to Z's of wikis.

User Blog: Admin Topics

Do you want to share your knowledge as a founder or admin? Want to write about your experience building a wiki? Or share tips like how to trick out your wiki? You can create a blog and do that here!

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