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  • Biografie I think way too much about Star Trek and Marvel. I also love TV comedy, 90s pop culture and anything Amy Sedaris does.
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  • Hi Bert, I am writing to you, because of the announcement of new features. Today, you have presented the new navigation. However, I could not find this blog in the German wiki, I can only see it in the English and Spanish Community Central. Why do we not get this feature? Does Wikia not like us? Why are we not involved or informed about such a thing? We also have very big communities and yet we (always) get announcements later than the English community. The Spanish community published the same time as the English community and are involved in the tests. If you do this in one community, you could also do it with two. The Wikia staff should understand this because they advertise. Here, however, the users are disadvantaged and deprived of those new functions and features. 

    I therefore urge the Wikia staff to communicate better and publish blogs simultaneously and I am asking that functions are also tested in the German community.

    With best regards, Rain

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    • I see no disadvantage whatsoever.

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    • Cyanide3 sagte:
      Also now in some english wikis (I saw it in Shadow of Mordor first) the seach-line is missing and I only see it in the english Community Central Wiki. Was this just a beta-version, which the staffs delete or can the line be switched on and off?

      It was a beta version/test and has been taken down for now on most of the test wikias, but we left it on English and Spanish Community Central. The final version will be released to all wikias at some point in the future.

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