Wikia Labs ist eine Spezialseite, auf der Administratoren ausgesuchte Wikia-Software-Erweiterungen für ein Wiki aktivieren und bewerten können. Diese Erweiterungen sind in der Regel noch nicht fertiggestellt, können aber auf diese Weise schonmal ausprobiert und getestet werden.


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Wikia Labs is located on every wiki at Special:WikiaLabs and can be added to your toolbar. Labs projects can be turned on or off by wiki admins, but anyone can leave feedback. We recommend that admins first chat with other admins and their community before turning on a new Labs feature. This keeps the community informed and will direct them to the best place to leave feedback.

Turning Features On and Off

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  • When in Labs, go to the slider control next to the feature you want to test. Simply click "Inactive" or "Active," or drag the slider button to reveal the desired option.
  • Changes take place within minutes.
  • Follow the instructions within the description to see where the feature will appear and how to best use it.

Leaving Feedback

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  • When in Labs, click the "Give Feedback" button by the item you would like to leave feedback on.
  • Give the project a 1 to 5 star rating. (The average of these ratings is displayed in Wikia Labs).
  • Write a comment with your feedback about the feature. This feedback will be sent directly to the team who manages the project.
  • Thanks! We appreciate feedback.

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