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Last edited on September 25, 2020
by BaRaN6161TURK
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Mobile platforms such as smartphones and tablets are very important to Fandom. As society shifts from large desktop screens to on-the-go experiences on smaller devices, we need to ensure our wiki content presents well on a wide variety of devices. We call this principle portability. More than half of Fandom's users visit our pages from mobile devices, so portability is more important than ever.

Below, you'll find all of our help articles related to our mobile platforms and how you can design your wiki with portability in mind!

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Intro & Best Practices

Edit the Mobile Main Page
Ensure your infoboxes are portable
Best Practice: Wikitext
Best Practice: Avoid nested tables

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Mobile Products

Mobile web - Visit Fandom wikis on your favorite mobile browser!
Fandom app - A unified experience for a wide range of wiki content and more!

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