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Monobook bug-1 with following
Monobook bug-2 with login

Hi. Looks like recent software updates (following, altering the signup screen) have broken several things on wikis that use Monobook as a default skin (e.g. all Uncyclopedia sections). See the screenshots: 1) menu on userpages with 'Pages I'm Following' section is much lower than it should be, 2) tabs for 'Register'/'Login' don't look as tabs or even links, so I'm already receiving reports from users who don't know how to log in (as register is the default).

I'd also note that there's currently a lot of untranslated messages in non-English wikis, so local admins have to translate them (doing the same work hundreds of times). Perhaps we should collect translations from the volunteers before the feature is actually enabled?

Edward_Chernenko, ru.uncyclopedia sysop. 13:31, May 7, 2010 (UTC)

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